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Our Story


Meet our founder



During her childhood growing up in Paris and London, Irene fondly remembers the times spent with her mum taking care of her hair. As Irene got older, visits to the hairdressers were a constant reminder that her natural hair was difficult to manage. By the time she was in her twenties, years of chemical processing had led to damaged hair. In 2013, she made the decision to begin a journey of healthy hair growth.



Irene’s regular trips to Ghana had introduced her to the many wonderful natural ingredients used in hair and skin care there. Ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter have been used and loved by generations in Ghana. Having previously completed a biotechnology degree (applying biology and systems to develop products) and now a registered nurse, she was interested in using products on her skin and hair that contributed to better health. Irene began using her own home-made products.

Her visits to Ghana and wanting to incorporate a more holistic approach to beauty care inspired her and Irene founded Native Nous natural hair and skin care.



Our brand

'Nous’ (pronounced nouse) refers to awareness, mind, intellect, good sense.

Native Nous’ represents channelling the practical knowledge of indigenous groups on benefiting from nature and natural ingredients. This combined with research on product blends easily incorporated into modern lifestyles forms the basis of our brand.

Our ethos is based on sharing indigenous beauty heritage and solutions. We focus on utilising natural ingredients that promote healthy hair and skin. Our brand promotes and celebrates black beauty.




Beautiful healthy hair and skin using natural ingredients is attainable.

Wishing you and your family love, happiness and health.


Native Nous x